Dee Maine

Talking  about artists presently storming the north west region of Bamenda Dee Maine  this yearImage has been Dee Maine for the public, a VZONE artist. After Dee releasing his lead track “Something”, it was like he ceased the entire fans in the north west region to follow his swag. Dee with glasses on the eyes, is not sleeping.

He told the KM Reporter this week that something very unique will be passing at the the backside of every Cameroonian in the name of video. He intentionally refuse to disclose the content of the song and the video producer for commercial reason, but source withing the VZONE Record told to our reporter that “what he told us is that it will be Ton-Ton but he never disclosed the name of the producer to us“. Dee Maine has never done something that’s easy like his recent video “Something” by Dee Maine produce by the baddest video producer in the country Fantasy Arts.Where is Dee Maine heading to? How will the video look like .Will Dee Maine  at the TOP of the Cameroon Entertainment Chat List? all this will be answered when next we see the video and get  deeper into his mind.


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