get there by Daphne

Nkeng Stephen is the CEO of Cameroon Phase of Entertainment (CPE), a video production house based in the south west region of Cameroon. He is an artist and a video producer as well but usually carried away with his video business. Adobe, Magix, Sony, are some of the video editing softwares that are prominent in the world today, but how many of us will be able to use them when there are no cinematography schools in the country. Most people today learn either through video tutorial downloaded from youtube or from expensive tutorial books. Dr. Nkeng Stephen for him it of no pains learning anywhere because he has the passion to satisfy his fans

On February 2014, he told the KFM reporter that ‘’there is something coming up this week by one of our studio artist’’. There is a saying that, a single hand can not tie a bundle of firewood but in this case, one person just finished constructing a house. GET THERE , is an afro single track by Daphne ; video and audio produce by Dr. Nkeng Stephen. Daphne has been an artist not just an artist but a musician ‘’for over 6 years today’’ he told the magazine. Recorded in the south west region in NO HITZ NO RECORD, Get there is sending out messages which everybody in the world today might be asking to his or herself. She got this type of voice that can convince an adder back into it hole. Her voice, vocal, ad lips are as clear as a stream water. That is the link, watch , share, like and remember that the industry will only grow by your comments.

no hit no record
no hit no record


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