My Vocal Penetrate Beyond The Borders of Cameroon-Missy Bk-Unravels

Missy Bk is a Cameroonian born legally as Constance Bih Kimal from the North West Region of Cameroon, Boyo Division-Kom. Second in a family of 6, three girls and three boys. Spend most of her time in her native Bamenda city capital of the North West where she attained and obtained her primary, secondary and high school certificates. There in her high school PCHS Mankon
(Progressive Comprehensive High School), she was the spokes person and the Senior social prefect where she was attached to people and became was she is today. After her secondary school life, she went to the University of Yaounde where she studied and graduated, then find his way to Germany in 2004 for further studies and work. She later migrated from Germany to Canada where she graduated from the school of nursing. Presently, she is working on her second degree in public relation. A happily married mother of two, married to a Cameroonian,Darling Henry.

She started up singing for fun, to console herself and others ,to connect with her world and other peoples , to tell her story and to share others stories , which slowly became something she couldn’t do without . She has been singing in many places , most of which she volunteered , never for the aims of money making. When she started getting great feedback from her works as a singer, she decided to write her own songs,recorded and published, which was actually the step that made her to take music to the next level.

Born with names as Constance Bih Kimal, Music and her choice of name was not just a one woman’s idea. Her friends started calling her Missy back in 2013. Same year, the same friends started quarreling about the issue of her name which was formerly Constance BJ as a very long artistic name.The love of her fans culminated them to refurbish her name to Missy BK which she decided to do a ‘’Cameroonian democratic ‘’ stuff. 100 people among her fans were asked to vote between the name Constance BJ and Missy BK and out of that 100, 80 voted for Missy BK as short and easy to remember as an artistic name, then came the coming into vigor of the name, MISSY BK

It was only In 2011, she decided to take her future and music career into her own hands thanks to her team , beats producers, choreographers , sound engineers and dancers, SCM PRODUCTION based in Canada. Her first single and promo track was Set Me Free,released in 2013 which she won the Best Female Artist for HNSS Excellence award ceremony supported by the minister of Quebec 2013 in Canada and also nominated as best female artist,best music video at the African entertainment awards Canada and cameroon.
My baby is her new catch this 2014, video produced by Sabastien from Sabasvison based in Canada and audio designed and recorded in Mich2050 Production house.

She loves her husband because of his calmess, his understanding, his laid back personality, his heart, his art and his ways ” i just love the way he is”

Her best colours are red,pink,violet,orange red …she is versatile when it comes to colors but she stays true to warm tones

She i eat almost every nice food she tries not to make one a favorite so versatile in almost everything in her life
Her favorite sports car that tops her list is Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder
she usually get inspired by her world, the people that surround her and their stories
When she is not in a vocal box, she is having fun and making others smiling, a workaholic but when she has some free time, she reached out to her friends and they go out, chat and catch up on time but most of her time, she spend with her daughters and darling Henry, to the theatre, restaurant or simply outings just to enjoy the simply things of life.
Missy BK
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