afe nkap by Ngoma drops out officially

A Cameroonian video has never been so effectively lightened like this one. Officially released on 20/02/2014 from the hood of Yaounde by the young superstar, Ngoma. His first single was in 2013 with Banye, ova sabi, another urban artist from his region.The releasing of the fantasy video, was not any news to those who knew Ngoma. Afe Nkap’s audio was produced by Jay Jay and recorded by DJ Pazzo and video produced by Adah Akenji.

Ngoma is a novice who hold his pen and recording materials very well so as to learn from those who inspire him. Presently, he is working on a new single that will follow afe nkap entitled Kamer Obosso to be produce by DJ PAZZO.