Cameroon may have another heart-mender: Ouilfreed Meyou:Oussai You Di Go

Ouilfreed MEYOU , whose real name are Wilfried MEYOUPA Noumbissi is a young singer-songwriter and a performer born in Yaoundé- Cameroon .His path of music originate from afro soul, the melodious and melancholy scents inspired Cameroonian musical traditions.

Revealed in 2004 by the music contest ” DREAM Coca -Cola ” which shows big winner, OUILFREED, became the face of the famous brand for two years.

Not only well it performs an African tour as ambassador of Coca Cola but also records for the ” DREAM Coca -Cola ” compilation : 2 tracks solo, ” LOOK ” and ” MBOA ” and ” college ” single ” EH- HO ” which was the subject of a promotional campaign in Cameroon and in Africa in collaboration with Trace TV .

collaborating with artists like Koppo , Krotal and MACASE group on Cameroonian and African scenes, builds for him a solid stand in world music market.

He will also participate in the compilation ” Kamer – free “, which will bring together renowned artists from Cameroon, with the title ” IN SEARCH OF LOVE” .

Installed in France in recent years, OUILFREED occurs live on several stages of the hexagon and preparing the release of his first album entitled YAYATO ( “welcome” in Cameroon) .
Consisting of 12 tracks , this album is mainly sung in BAMILEKE PIDGIN language and English .

source:declobawak of afrikamerEnt