Dee Maine-TonTon(official video)produced by Tabi Zama

The building is now completed with many rooms and ready to be lease out to the interested tenants. Dee Maine an urban artist super star from Cameroon last two years during an antiview, told his fans that he is working on something big, here is Ton-Ton the long awaited video produce by Tabi Zama of Tgim Pictures. His first single was Something released 2013 by Fantasy Arts. It is possible from all indication that Ton Ton will be the next track this month from Cameroon to hit the Trace channels and the Cameroon Boomed Tvs.

Recorded in 2011 at VZONE RECORD by Daddy Cool and video produced by TGIM PICTURES 2013, Ton Ton has been recorded three conservatives times with three different artists. Tilla started the recording with Dee main in 2011 and Vam Pepsy another urban artist opted for the remix which they did, but was letter on abandoned because of unprofessionalism.

To apply mathematics in literature, Ton Ton was recorded in 2011, video produced 2013 and officially released 2014. 3 years the mother has been bounding the cocoa yams in the pot.Cameroon Enter10ment Chat, MyBILLBOARD will say the truths this week.
Today, the flag of Tabi Zama the video producer will crossed boundaries for his job well done. For a house to ever stand the way you like, you must need a good foundation and for that reason Fantasy Arts, Dee Maine’s Something Producer should be lifted up too.


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