UL’8 host the Cameroonians to the African music contest with his new official video : LOVE AFRICA

If truly a son of man was born to show the path for others to follow, then UL’8, was born for that. Coloring a Cameroonian video with perfect color correctors and applying balanced blurring effects, has never been so percfect. New in Cameroon from ADANTE-FOX FILMS and GS Records, Love Africa, has snatched the minds of video lovers this year 2014.

In 2012, UL’8 released his first single track Yakata, from GS Records. Yakata happened at that time to be most outstanding track in Cameroon because of it unique blend of r&b and Makossa UL’8 employed the lyrics

Two year after, he released his new single, Love Africa which for others was not just a released for releasing sakes but to host the Cameroon r&b track to the rest of the world. He is an artist of the contemporary world of music but sing with much prestige and uniqueness like a classic singer .

Love Africa is produced by GS Records and video produced by ADANTE-FOX FILMS, a production center based in Cameroon.


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