Vzone Records Official release: Tanab M’all ## El Prisido: Wonna Worry Na Worry

tanab more

EL PRISIDO is the first ever artist to be signed under the refurbish Vzone Records Band, B’da. An afro rapper, killing the clubs and local media around the globe with his new slogan TANAB M’ALL. Music in Cameroon is taking a new dimension as many artist today are devising strong legacies to be remembered when ever thinking of them.

For true, Vzone Records will ever remained who they are when talking about quality output from that part of the country, B’da. Tanab M’all produced and recorded by Daddy Cool from the Vzone Records, has not only come to sale and make the name like others, but it has also come to propel the Kemerrap to it peak.

You will also like to know that Vzone Records is not just a studio like any normal or ordinary studio in the country today. The Video is expected to be produced by Fantasy Arts, the most Advanced video producer in the Country from the Vzone Records Company.

Tanab m’all is now available,watch ur back


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