Nation Of Hustlers : Friday the 4th of April : Bust it up


As some artists are laying foundation for Europe while still in Cameroon without looking back at their homeland , some are laying down theirs from Cameroon-Africa to Europe. Shake will not just be the best but boom boom all night.

Feel good live music when the fathers of Cameroons contemporary music holds the mic. On the 4th of April, 2014, Daddy Black + Bisha Black , Yomo , Sultan Oshimihn , Cheny Rock , Lauren By and many others will be shouting out their lungs on a stand-up show at the the former french cultural center in between Casino supper market and BEAC Bank building.Time 6:30pm and gate fee is just 1000 / 2000 CFA . They are out to Break the unbreakable boundaries of Cameroon music.Be there or…………….. 6:30pm find yourself going to heaven with suie sound system musics from Cameroon


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