ADVERTS:Travel and study abroad by speending just 2USDA for your fees

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Travelling and studying abroad for Cameroonians is as cheap as spending just 2US$ which is equivalent to a 1000 CFA. Neckmen William Nwihabuin, is a Cameroonians based in China after living in Thailand for almost a year and because of the love and the opportunity in his possession for his nation and brothers and sisters back at home, he has decided to help them out by linking them through the network of happiness.

Enought of all that your nightmares because the day is dawn. KFM magazine reporter caught the son of the soil who had to say this to the country. This is the procedure from the horses mouth.

For America, Canada, Britain, Dubai, Russia and Australia, you would apply with your high school or university degree which we will grant to you a conditional admission after 2 days to three weeks.

After this, you would be asked to take the toefl exam at the same time. You would have to pay also the application fee, after the result is out, we would complete the admission process and then you will pay a tuition fee deposit of about 1000USDA to 3000USDA and receive a document that would grant you the visa.

For example, for USA, after the deposit is been done, you would receive an i-20 form, for China, it is the jw202 form. Altogether, you have to spend money twice the application fee and the tuition fee deposited and the document provided is the main document required by the embassy.

You would take this document to the embassy and get the visa by yourself , meaning that there is no chance of getting a fake visa or something. you may also like to know that, for Asian countries , no toefl result is needed, you only need your high school documents or university degree

for more information, you can contact Neckmen William Nwihabuin by
+86 18700968757

to sent you own forms



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