AUDIO: Sharmack Alharamadji of Hein Pere to produce another Cameroon French rapper, KG INVERSE, Based in Switzerland


The entertainment industry is a competitive one, there  for, for any artist to pray for the international markets, he must be praying also for a good image, good market that deserves a good producer and enough investment. Stanley Enow gaining fame toady, is not just because of his Hein Pere of a sound but also because of the professionalism in it video by the producer.

Sharmack Alharamadji  aka Brain Concept, was in Switzerland some few month  ago to produce a French rapper, KG Inverse a Cameroonian  based in Switzerland.  Sharmack Alharamadji for some,  has been considered as the number video editor in Cameroon because of his western ideology in video production, to that effect, any time the country hares of him doing something, there is always no bluffing about it fines.

KG Inverse is not a new name in the showbiz world as his first single audio was released one years ago in France.  The Upcoming super said he will also like to push the Cameroon rap genre in the foreign market like his counterparts, in terms of High Quality beats and vocals.

The rapper is now singed under the STIDO EMPIRE label in Switzerland. His first track was life sans toi, last year 2013. Coming up this 2014 is, KG HO, another single of his that is expected to hit the market like; Don 4 Kwat by Jovi and the Hien Pere by Stanley Enow.

It is of no low faith that when the sole called sleeping Cameroon music industry should slumber up, the entire Africa shall shake with the kind of modernity that shall flow out of Cameroon. For the audio of the expected video, just click the link and play or better still download for home


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