Why Stanley Enow’s Hein Pere is nominated at the MTV Africa Music Award 2014

stanley enow MTV

MTV African Music Awards is aimed at celebrating the most popular contemporary music in Africa. The first event was in Nigeria in 2008 followed by Kenya 2009, Nigeria again in 2010 and South Africa in 2014.

Descript as a prolific singer by some in the World , Stanley Enow, is a Cameroonian old skull rapper from the South West Region of Cameroon. He and the present ideology of singing, DOPE SINGING, in Cameroon are not in good terms. Stanley Enow as prolific as he is, is shift from the kwatastyle rap to the western genre which is not yet familiar with some of the other dude in the country. That bold step by the celebrity has won for him the face at the international market despite what the critics says about him and the Hein Pere sound .

Hein Pere, was release in 2013 produce by the almighty Sharmack Alharamadji of Brain concept. The lyrics and the video producer were intelligent enough to start the promotion of the video with big channels in the world like Trace TV, Channel O and others. That alone for the artist, won him the international face.

Now an international artist and also acting as Cameroonian music ambassador, he has been in many countries singing with the aim of creating his path and making the name of his country reach the last planets. Majority of the of the African Artist this year are finding their chairs in South Africa to sit and hear for their names as winners and Enow, the propeller, is living no stone unturned to grasp the awards.

Stanley is suspected to come back with the award because he like many other artist are featuring with South African artist which that for him won him the entrance fee into the nominees list. Not long we hared of his remix with the South African rapper F.A.B. Featuring with South Africa has been a contest this year in South Africa as supers stars in other countries like Ice Prince Zamani, Davido and many others are fussing with the South African artists to grasp the awards.

In the heart of some Cameroonian music lovers today, you would see one thing in the name of I PRAY FOR STANLEY TO WIN THE MTV BEST NEW ACTSO THAT WE FOLLOW.


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