BrandNew: Ma Cherie official release by B.Trunk


Pre-production before production is always a good sign to show that one knows what he wants and where he is heading to. B.Trunck roaming with big artist like Adah, Ngoma, JayJay all of Amusic has witnessed heaven in Cameroon as his songs are incompatible with any other contemporary singer. Referred to as Mr. Fine Voice by some, he is out this year to make sure that his philosophy remains within his jurisdiction by taking a hike with the microphone to another level.

B.Trunk started entertaining at very tender age by singing traditional rhythms at the North West Region of Cameroon, using the popular xylophone and the “nkwi drum”. He then moved to Kumba, South West Region Cameroon where he became a choreographer in various rhythm through which he started representing his school at many cultural events. It is then that, with his skills of song writing and singing, he joined a group called X-Ray which later on revamped into BYL Ray with whom he corrects one or two aspects of his artistic identity.

He moved to the North West Region of Cameroon where he continued his high school studies, separated him from the group and his stunning performance at the social-cultural events where he writes more songs and attracted students who came from various parts of the country in order to study his performing art. It is when he moved to the capital, Yaoundé, that he featured in many live shows and was noticed by Small Sea, CEO of Sound Records on a visit he paid to a friend in view of organizing a musical concert BONAS CONNEXTION, when he turn out to be the main flower of attraction. He then signed a Record Deal with Sea Sound Records, and now every body now chant, Almighty BTrunck because of his thrilling artistic taste.

Without being just a theoretical student as others, he has relinquishing off the over talents in him by releasing his first ever single track Ma Cherie, advertise to the country one year ago by sample photos produce by his video producer Tabi Zama, of TGims. A unique Cameroonian would be noticed by his Cameroonian attitude of song titles and accent of singing. Get your own share of the piece of cake by simply downloading and sharing to your friend.

For that, the kmf correspondent caught with him and he had this to say ”I know I have a great responsibility to represent a world of my kind. Thank God its time. People watch out for my first single Ma Cherie by B.Trunk.


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