JOVILOGY THEORY: A good building is not known by it form but by it content.


A professor must not only be he that has gotten a degree, a masters, a PhD ,  a doctorate etc but he that can also lead or device a new way of making important things in the world. Rapping in Pidgin English was very popular in the city of B’da and Buea but it was not as renounce as it is now with the new flavor added to it by Jovi, the dope rapper creator.

Jovilogy, come from two kwatastyle words from B’da. Jovi which means the name of the profounder himself and logy which refers to the study of dope rap or kwatastyle rap. Before, Cameroonian rappers where too blinded to see that the Pidgin English they had could shake the world when they rap on stages and concerts they attained. Most of the artists became aliens to the western style of raping which was like a whole course to the local dude to go through. You could only see minute traces of rappers raping in Pidgin and if at all there were any, most of them came from B’da, the nursing mother of Cameroon entertainers.

In 2011, an unexpected wind of change blow pass the nation with a hit track call Don 4 Kwat, that even the BBC  world service broadcast the piece of art as it one of a kind that year from Africa and Cameroon In particular. Which till date, no Cameroonian track has been noticed from any grand channel like that.  It was by this time that Cameroonians started going back to their Pidgin English rap though it was not a common phenomenon to them. Don 4 Kwat, was not just any kind of track that year as it professionalism in it beats was noticed as an extraordinary intelligencia by the producer, Le Montre.  Jovi gained a lot of respect and fame from African countries around like Nigeria, Ghana and others not taking about those from the Diaspora.

That same year, Jovi was all over the place like an UN peace corp. Don 4 Kwat won for him the best rap track from Cameroon that year and the video,  was the best from the nominated list that year,  produced by his brother from the den MUMAK RECORDS, Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th.

If Cameroonian artist or tracks are heard today in the world, Don 4 Kwat has been the path to that success. He laid down the foundation of Cameroon English rapper to the international market. There has been no Cameroonian track of modern times that has gained as many remix in the country as Don 4 Kwat. Jovi still celebrates the first Contemporary artist to have one of the best complete albums of all good tracks, H.I.V, being the name of the album. Being the SENIOR RAP GODS of Cameroon, it has won for him international face as a song writer to international musicians and bringing the country closer to the world of entertainment.

Presently, Jovi is the CEO of NEW BELL MUSIC and a proud father of three albums. At the moment, New Bell Music is one of the best professional music labels presently in Cameroon with it website as

To be continued STARSPROFILE: JOVI aka Le Montre
Here is the The Pioneering Cameroon track  watch and know why he captained the ship


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