Mimi Pary new single, Waka Waka Boy produced by Mr.Adrenaline

If we are to talk about best video producers this years from Cameroon 2014, Mr.Adrenaline must be among the most talked .An African ideology of men not contented with the little they have, has been portrayed out but the Cameroon Diva Mimi Pary. She is a mixed vocal artist known for her flamboyant gesture anytime with the microphone.

The afro diva just released his new single Waka Waka Boy that is already dominating television channels in and around the country like Boom Tv, Trace Africa and others.

Waka Waka Boy is true story of most African, why not say African men who are never satisfied with the pleasure they received from their wives back home. A rare very phenomenon with the contemporary artists to look back at what they have to make something put of it, has been done by the Diva. The Waka Waka sound is not just a sound to hear and dance but also a song to teach the men about the pain they give to some women after they have given them all their soul and body.


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