CINEMATrailer: Cameroon movie ”scammer” may not only end up as a home video

Cameroon films for true may be swallowing a lot of insults from other countries because of their storylines, directing skills and grammatical errors. The problem fans are faced by is the fact that, they story writers and their producers haven’t yet finished with their stories back at home but they are acting films that are more than them that would even entail a lot of budgeting and infrastructures like action , glamour movies.

”A good film is always one that you can show out the reality of life in a more different and advanced way as others even if it’s still the same story line” a Cameroon film fan told KFM. Shot in Cameroon and South Africa, Scammer is and example of such films that low budget price can do. A story that is very real and common in every society in the world today, particularly African countries.

The film points out the dirty picture of joblessness in Africa and how it has faced African youths into cyber crime, which is the only way the hardest solution to make a living, as some say it. The movie illustrates the lives of Scammers and the end results of Scamming, that Scamming is not the only way to succeed in a continent like Africa and which the end result is always bad. A typical African film that teaches and open the eyes of youths not to take the wrong path even if things gets bad.The film is not only a good home video but also a good documentary video for the world to see.

This Film is a Cam Movies Production
Directed by Solomon Wan Atah Karl & Kale Kasongo,
Produced by Fred Keyanti,
Co Produced by Mairo Sanda and
Executively Produced By Gwendoline Tatah


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