NewVDO | Smooth Talker by Lena Eve smoothens the fazed camer music market.

An advance Cameroon music industry would only advance when everything including the artists must have advanced

From it instrumentals by Cameroon youngest DJ, DJ e-flow aka Spirit T , right down to its video by Tabi Zama of Tgim Pictures, smooth talker by Lena Eve is a smooth boost out video in a bid to stimulate the aging myth of Cameroonian videos not ready to it peak.

Riding down the isle of Skye, Lena expresses the love she has for her best friend’s brother by her new video clip, smooth talker. For it stage props to its cinematic tastes, the video is of good quality different from all the other after effects videos from Cameroon. Director Tabi Zama, the same director of ton-ton by Dee Maine is known for his cool and chilling flavour he imparts in his videos. Smooth talker may just be that one sample where his techniques are portrayed.

R&B female artists in Cameroon are listed by the kfm billboard editors. Missy BK in Canada and now Lena Eve having the same feelings in the lyrics


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