NewODO| “she’s a freak” by Racks 23’s music band hammers hard Cameroonians artists

she is freak













Three substantial artists from three different regions; are making the whole Cameroon music industry a turn around in its face in the international market with the release of their new single “she’s a freak”.

ET from Bakweri, Count Guizy from Bamileke and Meccah Alfahid from Kom,  are all the band members of “RACKS 23’s” a name they prefer because it shows the gradual progression of their music careers being rag-muffins to rag smashers

She’s a freak, is their first release under the “RACKS 23’S” imprint produced by one of them in the barn, Count Guizy and chorus by Cameroon best male vocalist, Arrey, an exclusive band member.

Recorded from Buea-south west region, they are all graduates from the university of Buea in Slave Records, working along side with the Sound Slave teams like Drea Boii and others.

At the pipelines, there are preparing to bounce again with a bucket of their tracks like; light on light out, CFA Franc which the DJ is currently mousing and keyboarding on it now etc.

the exact example and sample of what a Cameroonian music should sound like.


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