Innovation | Cameron’s first ever music genre ELECTROCAM, reached World’s classification


In the entertainment industry, the priority of every artist is to print his name on a stone that would serve as his legacy when he is gone. R&B, Rumba, Pop, Hip-Hip, Afro-Pop, Zouks are the world’s most top music genre created by some irk of people. People today in the world emulate and use different genre of music even not from that part of the country especially Rap, Hip-Hop and Zouk.

Popularly, Afro-Pop is a continental genre in Africa used by all most all the Africans, though gradually shadowing away by the Nigerian music genre, Naija. Afro-Pop originated during the slave periods in Africa, when the blacks were transferred to the Americas. They were simply sounds and rhythms practise during the trans Atlantic slave trade to showcase their traditions.

Today, Cameroonians are getting ready to bypass all the obstacles in the world music industry as the new genre from the country, Electrocam finds a seat in the world genre classification. E-Lectro-cam is an African music genre that comes not only with the contemporary music feeling but also styles with blends of local and traditional rhythms across and around Africa.

Combining electro-dynamic waves and African vibes, the first taste of the genre would go operational very soon as its CEO, plans a release of its first single alongside the release of his album:

DJ Chuuccs is the CEO of Electrocam Beatz. Chuuccs is a professional sound and recording engineer who has studied for more thaN three years in India.

Chuuccs returned back to Cameroon after he had served as a DJ and an MC at Electro Club in Asia. Working alongside big names in the country’s music industry like Krotal , Jovi, Petit Pays, Meiway, Singuila, Pitt Barcadi, Tala Andre Mari, Manuel Wandji, Blueprint Hakeem, Denise Naafa, Sultan and many others, he has a very big and solid foundation on the ground which guarantees his innovation to reach the highest level.

Presently, DJ Chuuccs is preparing for his upcoming album ELECTROCAM which would serve as a platform for the new Cameroon music genre. It is a challenge to believe that, though they Anglicans’ are the minorities in that part of the country, the Santa son is refusing himself to be marginalise by the dominant francophones.

Kfm met with one of the artists in Cameroon and he said “electrocam is a good idea and it would be good if only the scattered music industry work hand in glove to push it…since everybody wants that only him alone  be hared”


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