NewVDO| Askia release new video Give Me The Koko produce by Mr. Adrenaline.

Cameroon witnessed a climax in it’s music industry when the Cameroon-Nigerian rap/singer Askia, from the south west region, was marketed world wide after the released of her first world most thrilling video Obaseh in 2013, a song combining and blending the Cameroon Makossa to her culture.

Abaseh, which traditionally is translated as “God has blessed me”, was not just a title to a song but a title reflecting who she really was in the world. Since 2013 that Obaseh was released, Askia has been at the top of the Cameroon Billboard female rap/singer artists.

Still from the very director of Obaseh, Give Me The Koko is the new video piece from Akia. Mr. Adrenaline no doubt has been one of the best brains behind any professional video from that part of the country.

Give Me The Koko, is an afro-Pop club song. The song entirely is a dance floor hits that galvanise and expose how guys who thinks tough can be watched away from a woman’s seduction.


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