NewODO|Cameroon-Nigerian Jzion Henry release another single Cameroon Lady from Vzone Records

Jzion Henry

The release of Activate last year 2013, by JZion Henry was his first ever move into the world of images. The track was produced by Ina Deh Place and Directed by the B’da Best, Fantasy Arts. The released of Activate, activated his whole music career from a demo singer to a professional microphone blender.

From the South West Region of Cameroon, his real names are Mballa Henry Ngelle. A student in one the universities in Nigerias reading the law . Jzion Henry style of singing is different from every other Cameroons because of his master and relationship with the Naija dudes on campus, that’s makes him master of every concept he is called on.

It’s all about how a Cameroon lady got me wild and crazy and I promise to give her everything he told the kfm  in Yoaunde. Get the link below and download the most anticipated this year from Cameroon.



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