Stars Profile | Cameroonian rapper and songwriter Nick Mayor becomes Africa’s best at the Diaspora

Nick Mayor
Nick Mayor


The world is like a documentary script with many characters in which every character has his or her own role to play, in a very unique and fine tune. Cameroon is one of the countries in West Africa where it diverse talents can not be measured with any other country, if the majors are taking.

Born on the 06/08/1994 in Deido and raised in Mambanda, he grew up with his biological parents in the commercial city of Cameroon, Douala, where he followed up his primary education in RENOVATION primary school Mambanda. After completing and achieving his F.S.L.C and Common Entrance at primary school, he proceeded immediately for secondary education in  B’da, the motherhood.

While in B’da, he was accommodated by one of his uncle who took care of him and his younger sister throughout theirs years of secondary education. As time passed on, he had never discovered this wonderful talent of singing and rapping with him until the age of 16 when he was in the lower sixth. Beats boxing in their free times in school was one of the famous activities in which he was recognized for around the Boy’s dormitory almost taking  as a  private subject for him.

At that Juncture in the secondary school, he started writing his own lyrics and equally participated in the most social activities that took place in his school like dancing, music stage performance ( with his crew BIG UNIQUE) and was hugely recognized in his school football team as one of the most talented footballers.

It’s like a dream come true after being mentored by great superstars like Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z and some Nigerian Pop artist like P. Square, Bamky W, and M.I and other Cameroonian legends like Manu Dibango, Richard Bona and Sam Mbende.

Upon Completion of his secondary school, he joined his family in Europe .While in Europe , free minded and more open into the world of practical music, he worked very hard to see himself achieve his goals in the music industry.

” Well, in the meantime I have enough time to work hard on my music , building my own concept in music and keep the work ahead while being self made though I have a team “FRENCH COLLEGE” (beat producers) in Paris with whom I work with. I equally started noticing my efficiency in music not only when friends of mine started calling me to feature in their mix tapes and Albums but when I was frequently called up to perform live and on play backs in certain occasions which totally planted in me the believe that I was on my rise and being conscious of the fact that music is all about competition, I know that I have still got much to do and keep my most precious group of people “my fans” he told kfm.

It is from this portfolio that Cameroonian artists, analysis and fans come out with a conclusion that, the super star would surely be one of the best Cameroonian artists in the Diaspora as his background and love for music is as solid as a ruling party.

source: Sony Omar/ actor and model



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