Kongossa| “I have no qualms with Jovi” -Mic Monsta

I have no qualms with Jovi-Mic Monsta
I have no qualms with Jovi-Mic Monsta

According to Some Magazines in Cameroon, Jovi is denying the fact that he featured with the Sawa Monsta, which can be true because Jovi and his  Band New Bell Music never made a wide promo of the track as they are always doing with their singles and albums. But how would that be true when there is a whole 5:35 minute audio single of Bwam, Jovi featuring Mic Monsta.

Sources say, Jovi was not happy with the illegal release of the single. But Monsta told the kfm from Cameroon that, the problem is not him and he has no Problem with Jovi. Here is what he said

“Bro, it is showbiz, all publicity and the more they talk about you, the more your name trend on social media. ani tin way man talk na yi know because ME AND JOVI WE HAVE NO PROBLEM.

Q-sources say, Jovi was not in favor with the release and it was leaked without his notion. What can you say about that?

“Normally it was leaked via kamertube and Jovi was angry. But no one cares about the track again. I can’t go about promoting a song like I do not have better songs than that. It will make me seem desperate, so the song is promoting itself”

Q-So you and Jovi haven’t performed the song in any concert?

“No concert has come up and he is using the Cash for Promo. But all the same, Before December my first official release will be out Don Petit Frere, under Mumak” he told kfm

It’s now clear that, the allegations on the illegal released of Bwam, Jovi’s track, is true and from what the Monsta said, they both have no qualms as he called them showbiz and publicity by some press.


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