News | Stanley Enow MTV’S best, Cameroon best?

stanley enow MTVStanley Enow was like Julius Caesar returning  back to Rome after his triumph over his opponents as he was received by her excellency, Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, after winning MTV Best New Act Awards.

The Star is now like a source of inspiration to other artists because nobody would have ever believed a Cameroonian would receive an MTV awards, nobody would have ever believed the hit Hein Pere, Kwater stye single would wipe away the for-rolls  of the face of Cameroonian at the international markets. It is from this fact that, Cameroonian say
Bravo to Stanley and Bravo to Shamak, the first rapper and the first video director from Cameroon whose videos are
aired on the Worlds largest leading most watch television channels, Trace TV and other world entertaining channels.

But, the one most pertinent question munching off the mouths of his country’s fans is that, would Stanley Enow be able to make it out of the population? would Stanley be able to grasp another award as loud sounding as the MTV’s?
This is some of the debates and questions in the streets of B’da, Buea, Yaounde and Douala, but it seems as if he
has not even started building a special room to be packing his awards that are yet to come.

Stanley Enow, is very unique in his way of rapping, but the majority of Cameroon critic says, the superstar is leading a mission to no destination, some say he is lucky as he received his first and last awards in his music career. All these ideas are exposed because of his style of rapping which is not making any sense to some but because of his fame and no other artist at his level, to shift him into the recycle bin, is making him swallow all the praises. “Why all this selfish and jealous minds about Stanley, the innocent King has returned back with the lion’s head, wouldn’t his opponent allow him push it on and create more path” one of his female lovely fan told the kfm.

July 2014, Motherland’s CEO, Martins Enow, suspected to be the JUJU himself, was spotted with an update on facebook saying, “We have little or not time4haters, We focused on making efforts2always be da best,Pere. We be No.1 Yeah”. An update like this would never be updated if there is no pulling  factor behind it. The question now is , who are these haters? Is It true that only a black man can kill his fellow brother because of his fame and shine? Is It true that Cameroonian artists are still behind the mirror because of selfishness, amongst them, like their national team? Stanley winning the MTV New Act is not his personal pair of shoe because all most every computer literate in Cameroon voted for him, so him coming back with the awards is a whole respect to the other dudes in the hood.

There is no doubt and no debate about this, he is the syndicate of the Cameroonian artists and that is why the US based kmf correspondent caught out with some striking and hot rappers on an online interview from Cameroon and they all had different answers concerning Stanley’s Victory in South Africa

Q-Stanley Enow Won MTV New Act Awards, does that means he is the best in Cameroon?

Not really the best , he won because of burse burse not really that he is the best.

“Nope , it is that he is better expose than other”.

“Well for me it only  means, he stands out outstanding”.

“Not really just that he is the lucky one because there are thousand of Cameroonian out there more talented than
Stanley but God chose him so we have no choice than to show the brother some love.”

“Not really, there are many factors that are being considered like how well your single is doing nationally and
internationally, how much ticket sales for your concerts, endorsement deal etc and the number of votes you get from
that category , though it could also mean you are the best, the set time”.

“Not at all. but be sure that to win certainly is because you are the best amongst those presented, the best can only
be chosen from a list and not outside the list”.

“No. MTV juries have their own way of judging, that suits them, and the public have their own way, so if MTV gives
you an award, it means you are the best in MTV not the public”.

As if the JUJU was really a JUJU that predicts things and knows what the public would say, he featured in audio
collabo with Cameroonian singer and song writer Miss Lena, based in Belgium to silence his so-called haters. The
released of this remix is truly a full flash hip-hop away from Cameroon and it by this fact that, Stanley can start
boasting of packing his bags and settling abroad, for his rap genre, fame, style is not in Cameroon for the moment.


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