Innovation|Coco Argantee create a new genre Pop-Bikutsi

Pop-Bikutsi Founder
Pop-Bikutsi Founder

Coco Argentee may simply be technically and indirectly introducing a new genre into the Cameroon ancient music genre, Bikutsi. After she released Cameroon most colourful music video clip Fallait Pas later this year, 2014, the diva is rapidly becoming the indisputable in the industry with her popular logo “Les go des way'”

At the Cameroon Billboard this year, the only two bikutsi hits are Fallait Pas of Coco Argantee produced by Pro-Production and Pala Pala of Mani Bela produced by Kamina Pictures. These two artists especially Coco Angantee from her very first intrusion into the music industry , has not slope down even for a minute as all her singles are always making waves in the markets.

Coco Agantee
Coco Agantee

Coco Argantee, the Pop-Bikutsi founder is very unique from all other Cameroonians bikutsi artists because , she is the only Bikutsi artist that has brought in a new style into the bikutsi music genre, that is noticed from her dressing, beats instrumentals and just to name but a few.

Here is what she meant…


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