NewVDO| My Baby official remix, by Missy BK Cameroon singer based in Canada featuring French icon Annie Anzouer.

Her first striking hit to touch the doors of the international market was My Baby, release last year 2013 in Canada. Missy Bk is a Cameroonian singer and a song writer resident in Canada. The released of My Baby last year 2013, was like a bomb shell to the entire Cameroonians in the Diaspora as her unique style in singing reflected not the part of the galaxy she comes from. That alone, galvanized and earns her lots of awards in Canada and the world in general.

From her upcoming album, Baby Song, My Baby talks about the power and the magic of love inspired from a real life story. Her love with her new soul mate is like rejuvenation of her lost emotions to an unforgotten island.

Featuring one of Cameroons music Makossa icons in the music industry, Annie Anzouer, it’s a great challenge and the first of it’s kind in Cameroon. Her upcoming album Baby Song is going to be an all round continental album as she features in it great Africa and world music icons like Meiway, Annie Anzouer, born Canadian/Haitian artist Ish and the Canadian/Italian pop Singer, Nadia Dolce including her two lovely angles, Mandy Hill and Serena Hill.

It is a new era of change, as you feel the Cameroon music with too much of enthusiasm to be a Cameroonian singer.


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