NewODO | Elle Veut Yamo by Still Dash Cameroon Rapper in Russia produced by Dj Chris

Elle Veut Yamo
Elle Veut Yamo

Like any other music maker and rapper of Cameroon Music, Still Dash is one of them making the Cameroon music heard in the street of Moscow. His real names are Eric Yann Owono, artistically called Still Dash is one of the only  bilingual rappers in the country.

The single Elle Veut Yamo, is produced and mastered by DJ Chris of Ghetto Muzik. The young star has been in the Country since 2007, featuring with young aspiring rappers like him to boost out the francophone rap, whish is gradually taking over the Africa markets.

Elle Veut Yamo, is a unique French rap single as it instrumentals stands out outstanding with Dash blending the rap with his little knowledge of pidgin English and the English language.

The ideology of true love is fast vanishing out, that is why the young star brings us to his romantic relationships with girls more interested in money than love. Based on experience,  # ElleVeutYamo , deplores the behavior of some girls .


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