Batimu FM|New African online entertainment radio station from Belgium goes operational

Batimu FM
Batimu FM

The verse one of every lyric is always as good as the instrumentals but when the ink stops for the next verse, the verse two probably becomes an improvised and free styling verse. This is not the case with the new online radio station from Belgium Batimu FM, connecting people within and without the country.  A stop of the ink from your country, you could still be heard world wide.

Titus Banyoh, is a Cameroonian in Belgium and also the founder of the new Batimu FM, an online radio connecting entertainers from Africa and the worlds at large. He is a trained and a passionate journalist devoted to the rise and prosperity of African entertainment.

The radio which is aimed at creating a liaison between Africans in the Diaspora,  is focus on two folds: bringing the African fans closer to their stars and promoting the reach and prestigious African culture.

Batimu FM was innovated early this year February 2014, and its already slapping the whole of Africa with it two radio stations in Antwerp-Belgium and in Essen-Germany. The kfm caught with the CEO and founder of the radio, and he had this to say….

Q –
How rapidly move is Batimu FM?
So far three programmes are aired Talents Promo: Conceived to promote African Talents, Africa Family Show: Music show with a guest , we have been able to interview rising stars like Missy BK based in Canada, Uniek G (gospel artist , Nigerian), Miss Lena, Nabstar or Nabil4Real, etc. Pepper Soup: A programme that deals with societal issues and the broadcast language is pidgin. This should be the first ever pidgin programme in a radio in the Diaspora. More programmes are being conceived to meet the needs of our audience. We are currently carrying out a survey research to know what people want .

The 24/24 new radio stations is bringing in new technologies as well fast streaming techniques by creating an app which can be downloaded into mobile phones, and also a follow up pages on Twitter and Facebook .

Listening to Batimu FM with your family is as sweet as being with your family anywhere in the world… stay tuned


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