NewVDO | Wallaye Billaye by Numerica produced by Ns Pictures

Numerica,  the Yaounde based singer was definitely not born to be a straight musician with one style of music. This year, the star is topping the Television and radio rooms with his  Wallaye Billaye of a video produced by Ns Pictures and audio jointly  mixed and produced by DJ kriss and Adah Akenji of aMusic.

The star is a single artist working with no band but works with a number of partners to enhance his smooth artistic dreams. The most strange spice that the pro added this time, was not only the video brightness, but the pidgin English language that is hooking almost all the anglophone fans , home and abroad.

origin of Wallaye Billaye

Wallaye Billaye is an Hausa accent of telling somebody “i swear to God” in english commonly used when promising somebody something, which is just what the dude is doing with his lover girl, promising heaven and earth.

Wallaye Billaye i no go lie this is track to watch and listen from team237


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