Kongossa | Is Stanley Enow and Miss Lena having an affair?


Stanly Enow would not cease to amaze people with his jujulogy. Is Stanley seeing Lena, are they in a love relationship, are they married. The Cameroon rap king and her Cameroonian-Belgian counterpart, Miss Lena are suspected to be having something behind the scene. Last months, they both did one of Cameroon’s finest collabo, Give me a sign remix.

At the end of the song, Stanley with the jujulogy of rapping with Nyanga outros “Miss Lena Enow . What is that? Is Miss Lena having another surname as Enow. Her name is Helena, artistically called, Miss Lena

Probability shows that, a woman is supposed to bear her husband’s name and maybe that’s what the superstar is trying to root, by throwing maize to the hen to eat. Check the song out…


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