FACE2FACE | What pushed you this time to sing in Pidgin-Numerica Walleye Billaye making

Face2Face with Numerica -Wallaye Billaye making
Face2Face with Numerica -Wallaye Billaye making

When talking about present leading music makers in Cameroon, Numerica’s name features in every list either from the french artist or the English artists . The Yaounde based artist has released many tracks in the past few years and all toping the chat lists and MYBillBoard. Walleye Billaye, produced by NS Pictures, best video producer this month , has made Numerica seeing himself winning the whole of Africa. This year, one strange wind blow passed the Africa television as he diverted his music talent, stereotype to be Francophone obsess, to an all round Cameroon flavour. Numerica is known for his strong voice on the mic , but he switched this season to pidgin English something that you have never heard him doing.

The Kamerflow Magazine with the star had, a FACE2FACE show chat on the making and the stories behind the Wallaye Billaye video. Humble as he is, the star was very open to the interviewer as usual…

Q- You are welcome Numerica, what does Wallaye Billaye mean and why did you choose this time in Pidgin

A-Wallaye Billaye means “I swear” . I chose to sing in pidgin because I wanted to touch another public this time … and I think I am achieving my goal .

Q-who produced the audio and what is the song really talking about

A- The audio was produced by DJ Kriss and Adah Akenji … many other people worked on the song .. bass, guitars…. Etc . The song was addressed to a woman. I noticed that I am much more appreciated by women than men. So I had to do a song where a woman will see that she could imagine herself in the place of a girl in my video. That was all the idea behind that song.

Q- you said plenty of your fans are girls and the new song is in pidgin, does that mean that the majority are anglophones

A- Yes it is for them … pidgin-because I wanted to target a different audience and show the diversity of my talent and bring a new color to my music

Q- What are some of the challenges you encountered with your team while shooting the video?

A – Lack of mmmh, hair stylists and clothes , moving with equipments, renting places because they are places that were still not open ….

Q- You were singing in French all these years, but now in Pidgin, which do you prefer the most?

A- I prefer French but pidgin also is cool, because there are so many punches in the language.

Q- Do you hope to do other songs in pidgin?

A – Yes ! yes… very soon

Q – how widely spread is the video, because from the look of things, Trace Africa is the leading promoter ?

A- Yes… Trace Africa promotes the video in its own way … and I am grateful. Apart from Trace Africa are a hand full of other channels such as NTv2, TV set, TeleSud, Vibe, leader cable, hip hop tv, Africabox, Boom tv and many other broadcast the clip. So the promotion is good

Q -when do we expect another hit like that in English?

A- Sorry… for the moment I can’t give any info on the upcoming title. # Surprise

Q- One last question, who produced the Video

A – The video was shot and directed by NS Pictures

It was my pleasure talking with you, Numerica and we hope to see you next time…..

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