Kongossa | “I never signed any contract” [T-Pain]

Kogossa -T Pain In Cameroon
Kogossa -T Pain In Cameroon

Nigerian rapper M.I, once said “they know they using my name would help them sell some” and that is exactly what the sponsors of the show on Saturday did, using T-Pain’s name to sell some.

This is not the first time the P-Squares are officially coming to Cameroon for a concert. The most shocking thing on the Amadou Alhidjo Stadium Saturday 9, was the closing of the gates without the feeling of auto-tunes from T-Pain, the US born American rapper and singer advertise all over Trace Africa, almighty CRTV and other media houses to be part of the concert.

T-Pain Noticing he was to be in Cameroon without any legal formalities, felt pity for his fans and had to make them know, it wasn’t intentional. Here is what he wrote on twitter …

T-Pain @TPAIN · Aug 9
“I found out about the Cameroon show this week while I was in Abidjan and I tried to make it work so I wouldn’t disappoint”

T-Pain @TPAIN · Aug 9
“be in Cameroon. Sorry to my fans but some ppl just used my name in order to make money and fuck over good ppl. I’ll make it”

T-Pain @TPAIN · Aug 9
“The Cameroon show was supposed to stop being promoted two months ago. I’ve never signed any contract for this show.”


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