Cinema | Damaru – 26 minutes Awards winning short Film to be

Damaru - Christa Eka

It is rather unfortunate that your destiny can never be denied but can only be delayed. In the worlds’ population of about 7 billion inhabitants, there is no single soul not being a handicap and to that effect, if the preferable is usually not available as some say, let the available be preferable. Emerging from the best film production studio in Cameroon, Zumhoo Studio, Damaru, is the 2014 best  short film to be in Africa. The 26 minute trailer is a master piece to watch out for as passion and ambition for the success of a young Virgin Damaru, walks side by side.

Damaru is a young and ambitious girl having the zeal and passion for school but because of natural and physical factors facing her, her dreams can only be drawn on the wall for people to interpret. The society y is wicked, the society is cruel and vicious she could be thinking as despite her disability, youths of her clan would still love to take advantage of her.

With a cast of two and English best comedian Ngwane Hansel, playing the male leading role as Patrick, the social worker and Christa Eka, female leading actress as Damaru, the film was directed and produced by the most silent and underground film producer in Cameroon Agbor Obed Agbor of Zumhoo Studio. The story setting is a pre modern scenario and location Tole, South West Region of Cameroon, main language Pidgin English and English and subtitles in English and French. For your booking and information about the film and the production company get in touch with the stars by …+237 3308 6755 – +237 7806 3681. Zumhoo Studio is a just a strange studio to watch out for as far as best short films are concerned in Cameroon. Below is a glimpse for your new cinematography tutorial…watch and download the teaser for not just anything.


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