News | NjamaNjamaCow 2B Remix by African best rapper Sarkodie [Stanley Enow ]

Stanley ft Sarkoie NjamaNjamaCow Remix
Stanley ft Sarkoie NjamaNjamaCow Remix

“Money no be problem” Ghanaian born and all round awards winning African rapper Sarkodie, set out for the mic with Cameroon’s most convoyed and prestigious celebrity, Stanley Enow . By being a nominee and a winner at the Afrimma 2014, it was not just a place for Stanley to go and show his jujulogy as usual, but a platform to meet other high ranking and big brothers like him for collabo and future plans of taking the afro pop rap to another level.

NjamaNjama Cow produced earlier this year, has shaken no leave as compared to his later Hein Pere , that was threatening to become a new anthem in Cameroon. But plenty of Stanley’s fans confirmed that the single had no space because of the Cash and Bastard singles almost same year and month by Jovi. But the star is given a deaf ear to all what they say and think as usual , by importing his music brother , Sarkodie, to come and make out the unmake in the single. Stanley has been tweeting tweets on twitter about this collabo and we all know, no matter how local your single is when Sarkodie Sarkology’s his verse, it’s becomes an urban hit. Stanley Enow ft Sarkodie , we attention for that man!!!!!!!


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