NewVDO | Jovi- CA$H produced by Ndukong

 Jovi- CA$H produit parNdukong
Jovi- CA$H produit parNdukong

Awards may not only be the means for one to prove his wealth as King Solomon, but his power to galvanise the home and foreign fans with any audio single he or she drops .  Jovi is the only contemporary artist in Cameroon where by a release of a single by him at the markets, becomes the most played. The CEO and founder of NewBellMusic, Jovi was seen this year as the blockade to NjamaNjamaCow and Tombuboss by Stanley Enow by the release of his Bastard and Ca$h audios.

The senior rap gods disguising this time to an alhadji with Boozero barbed in his head, is skyrocketing to a level of no turning back. Cash , which is a blend of a local Cameroon dialect with Afro pop rap and produced by Ndokung is expected to go beyond home markets. One qualm beating the minds and heart of his fans is the reason WHY Jovi’s tracks are not aired on Trace TV.


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