News | Askia on the move with Moly+237 crew

askia askia

Her name is Askia, Buea based best female rapper and singer and also the title holder of the The rap Queen in Cameroon. Coming from a solid music foundation of both Cameroon and Nigerian parents, the diva is riding with the promoters of Cameroon Music makers, Moly+237 . Definitely, this year 2014 in Cameroon, has witnessed a progressive change in the face of Cameroon Music market and it is in this phase that the rapper is embarking on the mission with other die-hard Cameroon music promoters.

Moly+237 is the 2014 title and banner to be carried for this year “revolution” as some fans decides to called it. The first of it kind in the South West region and probably in Cameroon, it an all round fight that may surly skyrocket the promising but slowly markets. below is the first cypher video … watch and stay tuned for more on Moly+237 as we will be bringing you live events, videos, pictures and reports.


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