NewODO | Honor -introducing Single- by lil Steezy [ Myster Group ]


HONOR by lil Steezy
HONOR by lil Steezy

On the banks of every river , there must be solid rocks to sustain the ever unwanted tress passing water into the community, and that is what the young and stunning Steezy is trying to plan by being the rocks himself. New comer NKOA Godefroy, better known by his stage name Lil ‘Steezy, is coming with an ambition to increase the ever slow water to a fast and rapid site for entertainment as he raps in both French and English. He doubles as a singer / songwriter from Yaounde (Cameroon).

Member of rap group , DIRTY MUSIK BANGER (Mbalmayo) , he was officially signed into MYSTER GROUP (#MG) in March 2014 under which he released a single (Honor) and a collaboration with another Band raper , Kill B Psycatra and Boss Story. He announced in August 2014 that he was working on his first mixtape , Memphis Game  a sponsorships for its new Myster Group label. here is what the young stunning has been dropping with the new hood…wow! …rap of the new generation…check it out folks



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