NewODO | Tu es dans Pain remix by Mastah Suprem.

master Suprem

Old school french rapper Mastah Supreme of Ivorian Group “Kiff No Beat” has dropped the latest anticipated hit, Tu EST Dans Pain remix. If music was judged on its form rather than on it content, one would have said no that ideology because of the impetus and strength, 2010 street album and mixtape 2011 dropper, Mastah Supreme implanted in his heart. Making ways out of the studios earlier this year 2014, is the best home cultural rap hit like Alobam of Nigerian Fines, Phyno.

After officially remixed on its “Illuminati the title” If it Is not about money “Trey Songz & Fat Joe, Mastah Suprem presents” Tu es dans Pain remix “of Ivorian group Kiff No Beat. True to his style, the MC of Six Side allied with brown flow of auto-tune as the coutumée and punchlines along with a few spikes “« Ton buzz laisse des avis partagés/Tu es une grosse passoire/Charles Itandjé », « Perika t’es en chute libre comme Numérica » … download, play , share and remember to tell your neighbor the link.


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