Cameroon rapper Vreezy Ville from Diaspora to go on a media tour.

Vreezy Ville Cameroon Media Tour.
Vreezy Ville Cameroon Media Tour.

Cameroon afro pop rapper Vreezy Ville, signed into the famous USA music records label Franco Records, is expected to carry on a media tour by the end of this year 2014.

He made the announcement by confirming that, he would be able to be in Cameroon coming November, to the let his unknown massive trailer of home fans be acquainted with him. Just from releasing his video clip, Olopyto, a song and a new dance move he created, it may be time for his country to feel a real image of his life on interviews and on shows. Vreezy Skepticism with his Boss’s presents in Cameroon is what is troubling his fans but he promised the arrival of his Boss before or after December.

Basically just myself …but hopefully the CEO of my records label Franco, might join me in December. I have a promotion team set up already in cameroon to help me with all what i would need as regards to my shows and promotion. And i welcome anyone who is willing to work with me on this mission of identification and recognition i’m about to come and do in Cameroon. I am going to be in shows in every major city in the country and would be doing some new recording nad shooting of several videos…hopefully work on my debut album. he said.

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