Events : 3rd edition of Cameroon Movies Awards at the corner

cammovies kamerflow magazine
cammovies kamerflow magazine

Like twinkle twinkle little stars twinkling the hearts of Cameroonian film makers and fans, here comes the 3rd edition of the prestigious CAMMovies Awards 2014.

An award rich in style and merits, an award in which one is known , not from casual relationships behind the scenes but from his or her creativity on the ground, Buea, the sit of Cameroon Anglophone showbiz, proudly welcomes all the juries and their pens and papers coming this December 28th, 2014, as from 3pm to 6pm at the Chariot hotel staring with popping of the Champaign at the swimming pool from 3pm.

From Documentaries, Short Films, Glamour Movies, Melo-Drama, Actions and Epics, the scenographers and set designing are setting the visual looks and scenes with plenty of light and stunning backgrounds…boozer!!!

entry:1000FCFA single and 5000FCFA


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