Kongossa: Shocking Story as DJ Arafat and Sony Omar clashed over a girl.

Kongossa Sony Omar clatched with DJ ArafaKM
TV presenter, actor, model and the most youngest Cameroon celebrity Sony Omar were seized from the armpit of DJ Arafat, the African music maker, during a video clip he was staring in as a guest actor.

The CEO of Afrikblaak, an upcoming brand, was hired by the Le Mo Girls featuring DJ Arafat in their latest video, secouer Lo. As Fantasy and creative as the video Director Chuzih Herbert, a new but dreadful name to watch out in the industry is, he created a scenario where Arafat and Sony were to clash over one of the Le Mo Girls in order to spice up the scene. Unknowingly, onlookers never saw the camera man ruling his dolly on the ground in a distanced and jump into the arena to separate the fight.

Ha-ha…seems like Sony and his Afrikblaak are gaining a lot of fame…people now recognize him in every video in the country. Watch out for Sony Omar…the dude is skyrocketing.

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