Kanye West to stop music for fear of kidnap of wife and daughter

keyne west kamerflow magazine
keyne west kamerflow magazine

 Known to be one of the most controllable men in the Hollywood with fortunes more than $100million, Kanye is not ready to take any risk of losing his Kim and North as he begs for the post of a guard and not just as a husband.

Losing his mother and having learnt a lesson from the unforgettable incident, he fears that his only source of energy left could be snatched away from him. His mother died following a complications of surgery as sources said and he has never forgiven himself from moving her late 58 years woman from New York to L.A.

Talking in an interview granted to his step-brother Hal Carmichael, last week, he said his brother is only afraid of wife and daughter being kidnapped.

“Kanye constantly worries about Kim and North because he knows the kidnap risk is high, because of the lifestyle they lead, he has to think about it carefully nowadays. Kanye controls Kim, like where she travels and what she does, to protect her. He thinks the more the public see them, the more at risk they are.”

Would Kenye finally ceased away from the mic if things works out worst?

kim west north KIm KardashianKanyeWest-Beverly Hills


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