Missy Bk foundation to celebrate 18th birthday in Buea this December with 38 orphans

MISSY BK FOUNDATION kamerflow magazine

Cameroon female artist Missy Bk, based in Canada, may simply be working alongside with the ideologies of William Blake of Children being innocent and need helping hands to be taken care of until experience. The female queen whom from the start of 2014, shocked her fans with her My Lady Remix featuring Annie Azounye, and is taking her philanthropist works down to the less privilege.

She started the foundation in September to be launche this on December 2014. the foundation is aimed at providing for the under privilege in the grass field regions in the country. On 21th December, 2014, the whole of Fako Division would probably be shaking hands with her as she plans to organize a Christmas party (happy Birthday) of 38 orphans with her foundation in Buea.

Some School of thought says, Children are gifts from God, but the problems are always people capable of looking after the children and support for their needs. Is Missy, the exceptional gift sent from heaven? Is she drawing herself out of the other non-caring artist to look back at nature?


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