Celebs: Julia Gham Best Diaspora Based Entrepreneur Mile Stone Awards

juliah gham mile stone awards
juliah gham mile stone awards

Cameroonian own daughter Julia Gham, has been awarded Best Diaspora Based Entrepreneur at the Mile Stone Awards in the USA. Nominated with another 2014 home based sound producer, DJ Pazzo, they both are skyrocketing the flag of Cameroon high to the whole world .

Who Really Is Julia L Gham

Julia L Gham has been in the USA for a while as part of a Huge African community. With gross admiration of how America supported its stars and nurtured talent, she drew inspiration from shows like the “American Idol”, “The Voice”, “X Factor” and much more like “Britain’s got Talent”. In all of this, Julia realized the African talent was either misplaced or never encouraged. listening to popular Radio stations like Steve Harvey’s Morning Show, WGCI, 96.3, 102.7, 107.5 and almost all the stations you have yet all of them is hardly playing an African music.

Her Aimes

The Urge came to give back to her community of origin where such an opportunity was far fetched and never came across. Growing up in Cameroon, hearing or listening to, playing and even dancing to American music was popular. It was socially fun and exciting at school to perform the songs of various American artists such it was a Modus Vivendi. Living in the Diaspora for about 15years, it was disturbing that apart from a few African musicians like “Fela” Americans termed Legends, there was so much talent in music hidden in the jaws of Africa unrevealed or unpublished rarely celebrated. Thanks to Nigeria we are gradually building momentum with foreign media.


Julia Gham awards

Lady Gham decided to go to Africa, Specifically to the Country called ” Little Africa” (Cameroon), though now a US Citizen, to present an Opportunity. A talent scout she named the” Sing It Cameroon” Talent search. Julia’s goal was to get artists from where they have never heard of or just unknown to where they are popular presenting them to a big audience such as American Idol would have.

It was termed an extraordinary talent search and Juia’s promise to the Stars was not only to produce the winner but to give them an opportunity to share in the walk of fame often presented through the eyes of an American TV. One thing realized was, in other talent scouts there were mass auditions and and the auditors hardly went to street corners searching.  So she took to the streets of Cameroon, to every remote corner or Village reachable , searching for her Idol. Scouting in market places, barber’s shops, Orphanages, and universities, were a few locations that harvested great voices. Julia touched on various cultures and interviewing at random even that blind man at the corner of the street if he was able to air his voice. There are intriguing footages of these experiences. She was molified with satisfaction, though through many obstacles, she was opportune to change lives, donating to the needy especially the orphanages. Check out a these teasers:


Julia L Gham
President /The PowerHouse Ent. Inc
President/L’Afriq Cuizine Ltd

you can also target her on social medias


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  1. Des idées nouvelles pour le développement avec pour priorité la jeunesse l’auto emploi dans les métiers de l art.L épanouissement social et sociétale pour un monde meilleur ou les plus riches accompagnent les plus pauvre pour un meilleur vivre ensemble.

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