[celebsNEWS] Would Nabcis be the first signed Motherland Empire artist?

Napcis 1 @kamerflow magazine

It came as a shock as +237 was placed in a scenario of skepticism. Stanley Enow featuring with a home artist has been rare phenomenon ever since his reign over the Cameroon music markets

“Young Nabcis” as Stanley Enow calls him is a no simple artist though his name is still yet to be release behind bars. He has been a rapper and a singer ever since in the city of B’da mingling with hard music markets like T.Paul, Area Killer Beatz, Sticky and a host of others.

Last year, Nabcis, was probably the only Cameroonian artist to have done a collabo with Stanley Enow Cameroon Girl, produced by DJ Pazzo, which almost turned out into the 2014 Christmas carol in many clubs and bars.

The big issue people are faced with is the recent attitude of Nabcis’s StarzSystem of publicizing and advertising the Motherland Empire shirts on FB and wearing it around. Would Nabcis be included into the Motherland Empire? Considering the present situation at the Empire Company , of Pit Baccardi, where Magasco is the most focus as the X Maleya now seems extras from the band. Napcis hold the same position as Magasco does. A good singer and a rapper. If the Motherlands are to sign in him, then he would be the first signed Motherland Empire artist.

Napcis 2 @kamerflow magazine


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