[NEWVDO] Cameroon Singer MD Mochio rocks Thailand with official Fine Boy Video +237

MD MOCHIO @kamerflowmagazine Fine Boy
MD MOCHIO @kamerflowmagazine Fine Boy

Let the streets lights and speakers in every clubs and parties tell the truth, is a new RnB afro pop from +237 artist MD Mochio, based in Thailand. Fine Boy , like Magasco’s, is a cluby banger striking in Thainland and the world most watched international medias today.

From being a dick jocker at events, show and concerts, Md Mochio is a professional sound ingineer and event planner dropiing his first international debute Fine Boy from the Fine Boy Entertainment.

The Camer afro Pop singer and rapper representing central Africa and her magnificent talents hails from the South West Region (Bami) of Cameroon, with names originally called Mark Daddy Mochio.

Probably seen as the first most foreign expensive Camer video, the Fine Boy beach like video piece and it instrumentals are just the only onething one would press a replay for…enjoy your fine boy MD Mochio…leggo!!!!!!!!


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