NEWS: Ninah’s Dowry film director Victor Voyuoh lost mother.

JenabouAnn FintuViyuoh @kamerflowmagazine
JenabouAnn FintuViyuoh @kamerflowmagazine

Cameroon film director and Film viewer at Deluxe USA Victor Voyuoh lost mum after so many year of High Blood. Victor Voyuoh is the brain behind the multiple Award winning feature film Ninah’s Dowry which tops best in Africa 2013.

Medicals say Fatigue but the film directors himself said mum was a high blood patient.

“We are not sure, they said fatigue… She was a High Blood patient” “She took a long trip after I went back to the USA, It was on her return that her health took a turn for the worse” he concluded.

Mama Jenabou Anna Fintu Viyuoh, died on the 10th June, 2014, and her body will be laid to rest in her husband’s compound in Babanki, North West Region miles away from regional capital, Bamenda on July 4 2015. May almighty God see the entire family through.


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