News: Entertainment in Bamenda is out of focus.


To ask a friend in Bamenda (B’da) of a friend you left some years ago, the story will be “I beg… I no deh Bamenda again oh!” Everybody is leaving, the entertainment is fading out, the upcoming talented are not inspired anymore.

What is causing the continues packing of travelers bags one can really give a clear reason rather than saying “Bamenda is dark massa, I cannot succeed there” Bamenda is one of the most talented cities in Cameroon. As concerning entertainment as a whole, the region has no competitor.


More than half of the Anglophone film makers are from the region, but little has been done of late to keep the region on the entertainment chat. The first contemporary multiple award winning Cameroonian film: Ninah’s Dowry, was shot in the region and also, majority of the industry’s artists are coming from the part of the country, but the city is losing its prestige nationally and internationally.


Bamenda harbors and breast entertainers from all works of arts, but cannot talk of a major music concert or cinema premiere in a year. The city’s stars keep on going without looking back at their region of origin. In Yaoundé, they constitutes the second populated and even own their neighborhoods; Douala and Buea are other cities where they are not chilling down in vibrating their streets while Mankon and Nkwen lavish in cold.

The North West (Bamenda or Abakwa) is called the NURSING MOTHER of Cameroon simply because, she molds entertainers and other region do the exploitation. The question is, what is happening that Bamenda is silent despite all the gurus they got?

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