News: Jovi propounds bout Against Terrorism- Zélé Analysis.


A leader is not he who quenches the people’s savor of freedom with money likewise not he who sends troops and guns to end a crisis against a group of people. But, a leader is he who can stand and lead the fight for freedom by necessarily not using a weapon but wisdom as his ammunition.

Jovi has exceeds beyond the ordinary ideology of entertaining to sensitizing. Definitely, in every lines of his lyrics, he pledges the hopes and cries of his people though mostly fusing with his beefs and swags at a limited point. Zélé is just one among the many  hundreds of his song that he raises the people’s wants (Big Vulture).

The MTV Africa 2015 Best Francophone nominated artist, has mouth-watch the world with his world outcry for peace by using his lyrics and instrumentals as his major informative canal. The Senior Rap God (SNG) as he is popularly called, criticize the reprisal of wars through violence and killings in the world.

In the world today with mainstream of terror attack especially in his home country, by the insurgent terrorist group Boko Haram, Jovi calls for an arena of peace without guns and grenades. Solving political problems without one party emerging superior or as a hero, but with each party saluting for a truce.


In his recent trap Zélé from his 2015 #EP, RAP2RICH, the SRG melds his quarter rap verses highlighting the political, social and inhuman problems going on in his country and in the world at large. “When problem deh solution no be na for kill man” (when there is a problem, the solution is not kill). The song that was release before the Paris attack some weeks ago, and fortunately ended safe with the lives of the American Music Band artists, portrays Jo as the 237 senior rapper as his voice can be heard for peace.


“I go for bar bo I no fit finish one man” (I go to bar and I can’t finish a bottle of beer). Jovi will not drink while Maroua and Kolofata are not at ease, he will not finish a bottle of beer while the people of Maroua cheats nature by dreaming with one eyes close because of fear. “Make woo pin for ground now so na time weh woo get for hold hand” (We need to stand our our grand’s…this is the time we need to work together) Is Jovi again calling on the world’s artists to discourse the good news and engage in the fight to stop world conflict?


Like never before, he goes deeper into his quarter scenes of video by looking the emblematic social areas in Cameroons that he thinks the people are not very well gratified to shoot his video (in Yaoundé). Jovi is a young and upcoming rap icon who is very much accepting his personality, down to earth and making friend with the locals themselves.

If a husband has tried to convince the landlord to pay his house rents and fail, let him give way to the wife now. Are entertainers the ones to take control and ask the political leaders to seat back and watch?

Lyrically watch the ’Zele” semiotics video.


2 thoughts on “News: Jovi propounds bout Against Terrorism- Zélé Analysis.

  1. Very Interesting read amidst some few grammatical errors. Through music, a lot is always being said and we hope the target audience not only receives it but make use of it as well.

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