He came, saw and he is leading. Former War Machine Artist Tenor and his team are almost at the end of “Do Le Dab” African tour.

Already cleared with five countries in Africa; Two times in Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and his home country Cameroon, the young super star prepares for July 1st next month when he will start another ground breaking concert in Benin and in Ivory Coast on the 1st September.

Tenor – Congo Brazzaville (Stade Michel d’Ornano) Video

Tenor and Maitre Gims – Cameroon (Douala)

Tenor – Congo Brazzaville (Urban Brazza festival – Palaise des congress)

Tenor – Gabon –Libreville Video

Tenor – Equatorial Guinea (Bata)

With just a year that his hit track “Do le dab” made waves over the country and some part of the continent and giving him a million + views, Tenor has remained the favorite in the list emerging as one of the successful artists of his generation.



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